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Using Homeopathic Remedies for Birth and Recovery

Homeopathy is an excellent tool to use throughout pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period as it is safe to use at all times. At a time when most medicines are to be avoided, knowing that you have something both safe and effective close at hand, is incredibly reassuring.

The remedies below are all available in the Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy kit, ‘Homeopathy Specifics for Childbirth, 18 Remedies’.

The easiest way to get hold of this kit is to call 01892 537254. At the time of writing this, it is £30 approx.

The remedies outline below may be suitable for vaginal birth, an assisted birth and C-section, or all the above! Please refer to the descriptions of each to work out which ones may be applicable.

How to use homeopathic remedies

Using homeopathy for yourself is simply a matching game. If your symptoms match those seen in the remedy, then give it a go!

To take a remedy simply tip a pill into the lid of the bottle and tip the pill into your mouth, letting it dissolve slowly under your tongue. Remedies work best when the mouth has been free from food, drink and toothbrushing for at least 15 minutes. In the middle of labour this may be more difficult to keep to, so please don’t worry, just use remedies as and when you need them. The 15 minute rule is best practice, but taking a remedy sooner than this will do no harm at all.

In the first instance, take one pill then see how you feel, if you feel better, just wait and see. Us homeopaths refer to this as ‘watch and wait.’ If you are the labouring person, then your birth partner, doula or midwife will have a key role in watching as an observer to see how you are responding to the remedy.

If the symptoms return, then take another of the same remedy for the effect to be felt again.

You can continue doing this so long as you feel an improvement each time. Remember to stop taking the remedy once you feel better, or the symptom has passed. Please be reassured that you cannot overdose with homeopathy, so if you take more than one pill, or even 100 pills when dosing yourself, this is totally safe for both you and your baby.

Homeopathy does not need topping up like many other drugs and only needs to be used if the symptom is showing in the patient. If the remedy ceases to work and you don’t feel entirely better, then you may need to move on to a different remedy.

Outlined below are the most common remedies used for pre, during and post birth:


The no. 1 remedy for fear. This remedy is particularly effective for the ‘rabbit in the headlights’ fear that can sometimes come up. This can occur in labour and is also useful for any shock, should it appear at any point, including during pregnancy.

This remedy is also great for a quick birth, where both mother and baby may be feeling ‘what just happened here?!’


If you only take one remedy, then let it be this one! Arnica is a fabulous remedy for any trauma. Even in a textbook ‘perfect’ birth, your body will have been working very hard, opening up to birth a baby, so it’s always a useful remedy to use. It helps to reduce swelling, bruising and can help with exhaustion. It is also known to help with excessive bleeding. It is one that I suggest is routinely taken after birth, in all situations, including C-sections and assisted delivery, as it can really help speed up recovery.

Bellis Perennis

This remedy is described as ‘being for the parts that Arnica cannot reach’ and is useful for any deep tissue injury, especially to the abdomen. This remedy is a must for c-section recovery or for any instrumental delivery.

It can also be useful for sciatica in pregnancy, caused by the baby’s position.


My favourite post birth healing remedy and the one that started my love of homeopathy. Calendula is useful for any wound, helping it to heal without infection, reducing scarring and pain. It is an excellent remedy to use for any tearing, episiotomy or abdominal stitches.

Carbo Veg

A fabulous remedy for digestive discomfort in pregnancy and for any post c-section trapped wind. It is also useful for any state of collapse, where there is a need for oxygen. If there is a desire to be fanned in labour, think of this remedy.


An excellent remedy to use in the initial phases of labour. It helps to establish strong and productive contractions. This is effective especially if the contractions are short, ineffective and move around, or if they stop completely due to exhaustion. This is also the go-to ‘overdue dates’ remedy to try and prompt the body into action. Do not use routinely. Please e-mail or message me for specific advice on this. I offer a free 15minute call bookable here:


A remedy to use if there is over-sensitivity with unbearable pain, or bad temper, useful in labour and also one to keep at hand if you suffer with unbearable pain with periods (the last thing on your mind when pregnant, so just pop it on the shelf for later)

This is also the no.1 remedy for teething babies, where you’ll see the similar symptoms as just described. The potency in the 18 remedy childbirth kit is more useful for teething babies than the one you see in the Chamomilla sachets on pharmacy shelves, as it is in a higher potency and therefore suits the high vitality that we see in babies.


Another remedy for contractions that are not productive. They may be in the bottom half of the uterus, or a cervix that fails to dilate effectively. The contractions can be moving from side to side, or around the hips and legs.


They say that you’ll recognise the need for this remedy as the patient will have eyes that are so heavy, they appear difficult to open. This is the number one flu remedy, so think if similar symptoms are present in labour, this remedy may be useful. You’ll see great exhaustion, heavy limbs and a slow / sluggish labour. This remedy is very useful in long exhausting labours.


An excellent recovery remedy if there is damage to nerve rich areas. This is therefore especially great after C-sections, epidurals, episiotomies, instrumental deliveries etc. I can personally vouch for this remedy's miracle like pain relieving qualities to help following birth.


Use if there is violent nausea in labour, that just keeps going on and on, with vomiting bringing no relief. This remedy is also useful for if any bright red haemorrhaging is present.

Kali Carb

A great remedy to use if a posterior (back-to-back) presentation is present, in fact this is the ‘go-to’ remedy to use in this situation. Labour pains will be more in the back, thighs, or may not progress as quickly as expected.


The ‘go-to’ remedy for any issues with the breasts or nipples. Cracked nipples, blocked ducts, threatened mastitis that can occur during breastfeeding. A must have remedy for all breastfeeding mothers.


This remedy is the one to think of for a breech or transverse baby and is suggested from 36 weeks to encourage turning. Do not use routinely. I strongly suggest seeking the help of a qualified homeopath for advice regarding a breech baby.

This remedy is also useful during labour if there is any weepiness, clinginess, or with contractions that are short and weak, or if they stop.


Useful to antidote any side effects from Syntometrine (used to help the placenta to be released) Take this as soon as possible afterwards. Also useful for a retained placenta if the contractions aren’t strong enough to push it out.


An excellent remedy for female hormones, especially if you really feel the effects of any change in your hormones. This remedy is useful in pregnancy if feeling irritable, sluggish and weepy. Sepia can also be useful for uterine prolapse. Think of Sepia if children are born close together.


I always recommend this remedy if there have been any medical interventions, such as forceps, episiotomy, stitches, catheters etc. It helps with any feelings of anger or resentment that you may have following such interference with your body.

When teaching about remedies to use in labour, I always like to point out that some of these situations may sound scary, but please remember that we are covering many variations here, many of which may never be needed. Knowing about all the remedies and situations will simply give you the confidence to be prepared for your birth and recovery.

I offer a range of lessons on how to use homeopathy for yourself and your family, including one to go along with this kit, for both the birthing person and birth partner. So, if you would really like to get familiar with using this kit for pre, during and post birth recovery, please book here:

I also have a 6-week post birth recovery protocol suitable for both vaginal and abdominal birth, please get in contact if you’d like a copy of this.

If you have any questions regarding these remedies, or need any more personalised help, please do get in touch, or book a free call.

Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy, birth and 4th trimester.

N.B. To keep up to date with workshops and classes on how to use homeopathy for yourself and your family, then please join my free FB group ‘Homeopathy Classroom’.

*Nothing in this document is intended to be, nor should it be taken as a substitute for professional medical advice. Please always ask your doctor if unsure of anything.


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