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Sick people don't get sick!

This may seem like a ridiculous statement, but bear with me for a minute!!

In homeopathy, we talk of the vital force. The way I describe this to my patients is to imagine your inner generator, the thing that gives you life, energy and makes you, YOU!

I see it as a kind of a cross between your soul and your immune system.

Dr Hahnemann (the man who discovered homeopathy) described it as 'a dynamic, immaterial, spirit-like force that embodies the essence of life and all of its metabolic and functional activities.'

Now what you really want is a fully charged, responsive and 'ready for action' vital force. This is what we see in healthy people, i.e. people who aren't burdened with chronic illness. Their vital force is really alive and full of energy and as such when these people come across an illness, they get sick and show symptoms. The difference is that THEY DON'T STAY SICK! You'll often see this with children, who in general have a stronger vital force than adults. They'll suddenly get a fever, a terrible cold or flu type infection, they'll appear really unwell and then bounce back really quickly. THIS IS GOOD HEALTH. It's a real exercise for the immune system. Every time you are unwell your immune system is learning about that illness, launching an attack and having a real good workout, which essentially makes you stronger and healthier in the long term.

Now, if your body has the burden of a long term chronic illness, or as we often see in the elderly, your vital force is just not as responsive and not as vibrant. You will see that in these cases illnesses last longer, don't show as many strong symptoms, a fever is more difficult to achieve and sometimes the body has a hard time 'throwing off' the illness it is experiencing. Hence my statement, 'sick people don't get sick'! It appears that they aren't as affected by whatever is going around and they don't appear as sick.

So, what is my advice to you?

First of all, look after your vital force. It needs supporting and loving. We can do this with general good health measures such as good sleep, good food, balance with work life, exercise etc. All the stuff we know that makes for healthy living.

The way to really give your vital force a good boost, is homeopathic treatment. Nothing gets as deep into your body, mind and soul as this amazing therapy does. Plus, if you are suffering with a chronic illness, then this can really support your body in ridding you of those symptoms and bringing your vital force up into the healthy zone.

Those who have experienced homeopathy have reported feeling more alive, vibrant and their life battery just seems more in the green and fully charged. Put simply, their vital force has more vitality.

I also suggest that you shift the way you think of illness. I have seem so many people commenting that over the last 18 months they haven't had colds, flus, stomach bugs etc due to the isolation, distancing and other measures put in place. I SEE THIS AS AN ABSOLUTE DISASTER FOR OUR VITAL FORCE, especially for young children. Never experiencing a passing infection is not good for us. How will our immune system and vital force get their work out?? It's like a body that never exercises! Not healthy in the long term.

My personal preference is to have something such as a cold, flu etc every 12-18 months to give me a really good work out. I now embrace this and use it as an opportunity to rest, nap lots and catch up on some Netflix!! I try to only treat my fever and symptoms with some of the homeopathic first aid remedies and other self help measures, but will intervene with some conventional medication if really necessary.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. How do you feel your vital force is doing? Does it bounce back quickly, or need a little bit of a poke to wake it up??


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