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5 Homeopathic remedies to get you through Christmas

It’s that time of year when we all relax, enjoy the company of loved ones, drink, eat and be merry! However sometimes this comes with consequences and we can end up feeling somewhat out of sorts. whether that is a hangover, headache, upset stomach, bloating or the dreaded lurgy.

This is where homeopathy can help. Homeopathy for minor issues is easy to use and comes without the unwanted side effects often seen with over the counter medications.

Below I have listed my top 5 remedies for the season and the symptoms that they can help with.

  • Nux Vomica

The hangover remedy:

This is the number one remedy for overindulgence so if you only get one remedy for Christmas then this is it!

It helps with indulgences of any kind, whether it be stuffing yourself with too much food, too much alcohol or having a sneaky cigarette at the Christmas party, even though you haven’t had

one in 2o years! Symptoms that can be helped with this remedy are nausea from overindulgence in rich foods, digestive complaints that are better for vomiting, even though you may find it difficult to do so.

  • Carbo Veg

The remedy for bloating:

This remedy is the ‘go to’ for bloating, especially in the upper abdomen with a very bloated stomach. It is useful for wind and acute indigestion.

  • Arsenicum

The remedy for food poisoning:

Unfortunately all the eating out, cooking enormous turkeys and preheating food can be a recipe for upset stomachs from food poisoning. You may have terrible diarrhoea with watery, smelly stools and feel totally exhausted. You may experience sweating with ice cold hands and feet and desire frequent sips of water. If these symptoms fit how you feel then Arsenicum may be the remedy for you.

  • Belladonna

The top remedy for very high fevers:

Consider belladonna if you are feeling like a radiator with bright red cheeks and are practically radiating heat from your body that those around you would like to use you as a hot water bottle!

You may have glassy looking eyes and dilated pupils with a throbbing headache. The pulse

will be rapid and you may also be slightly delirious. Any touch or movement will make you feel worse.

  • Gelsemium

The no. 1 remedy for flu:

People needing gelsemium will be feeling awful, with the shivers, aching muscles and heaviness around the head and eyes. Others may comment that even your eyes appear to be drooping. Your eyeballs may feel achy and your tongue may be so achy too that even speech is difficult. Your arms and legs feel achy and heavy and lifting them is a real effort.

They say that those with true flu can’t be bothered to pick up a £10 note from the pavement, so if this is you then please consider gelsemium.


How to take homeopathic remedies

Using homeopathy at home is simply a matching game. If your symptoms match those seen in the remedy then give it a go.

Most health shops sell remedies in the dose 30C and I think this is a good place to start.

To take a remedy simply tip into the lid of the bottle and tip the pill into your mouth, letting it dissolve slowly under your tongue. Remedies work best when the mouth has been free from food, drink and toothbrushing for at least 15 minutes.

First of all Take one pill then see how you feel, if you feel better, just wait and see. If the symptoms return then take another of the same remedy for the effect to be felt again. You can continue doing this so long as you feel an improvement each time. Remember to stop taking the remedy once you feel better. Homeopathy does not need topping up like many other drugs and only needs to be used if the symptom is showing in the patient.

If the remedy ceases to work and you don’t feel entirely better then you may need to move on to a different remedy.

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*Nothing in this document is intended to be, nor should it be taken as a substitute for professional medical advice. Please always ask your doctor if unsure of anything.


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