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3 reasons to use homeopathy

There are so many reasons to use homeopathy, but to write them all I'd have to write an essay!

So let's talk about these 3:

  1. EVERYBODY can use homeopathy, from pregnant women, newborn babies to the elderly. It is a gentle, safe and effective medicine for all.⁠

  2. It is side effect free. We all know that most drugs come with side effects, but not homeopathy. ⁠There are none of the problems associated with conventional medicines, where you often find that you need more and more drugs to counteract the side effects of the one you took before! However, if there are some medicines that it is necessary for you to stay on, then homeopathy can work beautifully alongside to help alleviate any symptoms you may be experiencing. ⁠

  3. Homeopathy is ECO FRIENDLY and good for the planet. Homeopathic medicines come from natural sources⁠, they are gentle and safe for both people and planet⁠, there are no dangerous residues in the food-chain, soil or waterways⁠, they form part of the solution to combat anti-microbial resistance⁠, they are cheap and clean to produce, non polluting⁠, non-toxic, renewable and sustainable.

So there we go, the top 3 reasons to give it a go


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