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Homeopathic consultations

Why homeopathy?

1:1 homeopathic treatment is for you if you are looking for a completely holistic, personally tailored approach to your health and healing.

You will be given the time and space to talk through your symptoms and how they affect your life, whether it be a physical or emotional issue.

When do you ever give yourself the time to be truly listened to?

Homeopathic sessions are completely focused on you. You will be given the opportunity to chat through how you are for up to 60 minutes. This is a truly healing experience.

We will work together over a period of sessions, usually spaced a month apart. We will assess progress and ensure that we are heading in the right direction.

I will keep a close eye on how you are doing and we will move through different remedies and change dose as appropriate.


“I came across Rowena when searching for alternative treatment options to address a coeliac disease flare up. I wasn't at all confident that homeopathy could help but thought anything was worth a try. After an hour with Rowena, a thorough history and detailed discussion about my current presentation and other issues, Rowena prescribed some remedies. Not only did my flare up clear up almost overnight, but my periods became regular for the first time in my adult life (I'm 35), and my sleep has improved dramatically. I've since seen Rowena in relation to my baby, and she has been incredibly helpful for her too.


I couldn't recommend Rowena highly enough. Her warm, easy going manner puts you at complete ease, and her knowledge is vast. She also strongly advocates homeopathy yet acknowledges and supports the use of western medicine when indicated. I don't doubt I'll be returning to Rowena regularly over the coming years.”

Natasha, Surrey, Wellbeing Sisters Co-founder and Director 

What will happen during a


If you or your child have a chronic issue, or frequently occurring complaint, i.e. one that you are just unable to solve via self-help measures, then you would benefit from personalised homeopathic consultations and prescriptions. If you are new to me, or new to homeopathy, then please book a free call via the link below to discuss how homeopathic treatment with me could help. If we decide that we are a good fit to work together, we will book in the initial appointment, then I will send over a Google form to obtain all the relevant background information that will be useful for me prior to our first session. This first appointment will usually last up to 1 hour, allowing me to obtain as much information as possible on you and your symptoms. You will explain the issue in detail, how it affects your life and what makes it better or worse. The more detail you can give me the better as this will enable me to help the select the most appropriate remedy for you.

I will ask you to fully explain your current symptoms, when they started and will be interested in your full medical history, along with anything of significance in the family line. I will be interested in hearing about your personality, your likes and dislikes and any hobbies you have, As homeopathy is truly holistic the more I know about you the more chance we have of finding a remedy specifically tailored to your current needs.


This is time solely devoted to you, or your child. I will ask about the history of your illness, how it affects you, what else is going on in your body, your general level of health, sleep, dreams etc.


Some of the questions may seem strange and unrelated to your issue, but as homeopathy is a holistic approach, knowing as much as I can about you will enable me to make a more accurate prescription.

After our consultation, I will study your case and choose an appropriate remedy. This will then be posted out to you and we will talk again in approximately 1 month. 

If you have more than one family member who requires treatment, then my Family Package may be what you need. This is the most cost effective way of working with me and includes 3 months of treatment for up to 4 family members, an essential homeopathy kit with 42 remedies for everyday / first aid issues + free refills throughout the months that you are taking part in the programme.

You will also receive a 1:1 Homeopathy lesson on how to use the kit + free WhatsApp access to me throughout, so that you are able to ask my advice on any acute issues your family may face. This is a programme of both treatment and education to really move forwards with yours and your family's health.


Prices are inclusive of your appointments, homeopathic prescription, remedies and UK postage. (overseas postage will incur additional costs)

Any suggested homeopathic medication detoxes may incur an additional cost for remedies supplied.

Other suggestions, such as essential oils, or other measures to assist with your healing will be at an extra cost and are simply an option for you to consider.

In person appointments are held in one of the medical consulting  rooms at 10 Harley Street, London, W1G 9PF.

Harley Street is easily accessed from Bond Street and Oxford Circus tube stations.


I also offer online consultations via Zoom / Facetime so distance is not an issue.

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